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15, June 2013

Silverstreet Capital Sign Protocol to Show Support for Introducing Proper Title for Land in Africa

On the 15 June 2013 at the G8 meeting, SilverStreet Capital signed a protocol in support of government action to address land governance. This emphasises our support for introducing proper title for land in Africa.   What does this mean? We support the goal of good land governance...

01, June 2010

Africa's Growth Story

A series of articles focused on Africa. Agricultural real GDP growth has been 12% per annum in Africa in recent years. "The key reasons behind this growth surge included government action to end armed conflicts, improve macroeconomic conditions, and undertake microeconomic reforms to create...

06, April 2009

SilverStreet Capital Focuses on African and Agricultural Investments

SilverStreet Capital LLP announced that it will focus on investing in Africa and agricultural businesses going forward. SilverStreet has a philosophy of developing and managing “absolute return” products in the alternative investments area. SilverStreet’s focus on agriculture and Africa...