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01, November 2015

SilverStreet Capital adds to Investment Team

SilverStreet Capital, a leading private equity investor in the agricultural sector, has strengthened its investment team with the appointment of a new partner, Chris Chance.
Chris will sit on the Investment Committee of the firm’s forthcoming fund, Silverlands II, and will ...

29, June 2015

Silverlands brings a new experience to cattle farming as a business

Silverlands Ranching Partnership with Musika achieving substantial positive benefits for small-holder farmers.

01, April 2014

Fresh pastures

An increasing number of private equity and alternative investment managers are getting into the agriculture and agribusiness sector(s). But their approach to investment varies widely, finds Simon Clark.


20, August 2013

Oil and Gas Exploration Intensifies in East Africa

East Africa has become a major focal point for oil and gas exploration after discoveries in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. While the Seychelles and Mauritius have revealed plans to work together to search for petroleum in an area of the Indian Ocean they both own, according to Reuters.

22, July 2013

Remittances Gaining Increasing Importance in Africa: New Report from the African Development Bank

Migrant remittances have become an important source of external funding because in 2012 they overtook aid and FDI as the largest external flow to Africa for the first time. Their importance has once again been emphasised by the UN’s Africa Renewal magazine.  The World Bank ...

13, July 2013

Strong domestic demand underpins Sub-Saharan African growth outlook : new World Bank Economic Report

The World Bank’s Global Economic Report for June 2013 shows a positive outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa because growth has remained robust due to resilient domestic demand and still relatively high commodity prices. These factors, along with projected strengthening of external ...

11, July 2013

Africa experiencing the highest growth worldwide in Sovereign Wealth Funds

Africa is experiencing the strongest growth in new sovereign wealth funds in the world mainly due to the continent’s nations amassing commodity revenues and foreign-exchange reserves.., JPMorgan Asset Management's Patrick Thomson, the global head of sovereigns said that during the past ...

15, June 2013

Silverstreet Capital Sign Protocol to Show Support for Introducing Proper Title for Land in Africa

On the 15 June 2013 at the G8 meeting, SilverStreet Capital signed a protocol in support of government action to address land governance. This emphasises our support for introducing proper title for land in Africa.

What does this mean?


01, June 2010

Africa's Growth Story

A series of articles focused on Africa. Agricultural real GDP growth has been 12% per annum in Africa in recent years.

"The key reasons behind this growth surge included government action to end armed conflicts, improve macroeconomic conditions, and undertake microeconomic reforms ...