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29, December 2017

What's needed in African agriculture before technology *External Link

“A lot of what’s needed in African agriculture is quite low-tech if tech at all,” says Gary Vaughan-Smith, chief investment officer at SilverStreet Capital, the agribusiness private equity firm. SilverStreet has been investing in African agriculture since 2011 when it held the first close of...

12, December 2017

Big demand in South Africa for Cotton Candy and the Candy Hearts *External Link

The Namibian grape season has gotten off to a good start, this is good news for the growers who had an early end to last season. Temperatures at the moment are in the 40s, but the weather has been perfect for grapes, with daytime temperatures in the high 30s and cooling down at night which is...

25, August 2017

Improving livestock health in Zambia *External Link

The OPIC Blog: In Zambia, healthy cattle graze on a local farm that has been able to improve animal health with the support of the Silverlands Fund, an OPIC partner that invests in a variety of agricultural businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa.

18, August 2017

SilverStreet Capital announces third closing of Silverlands II and a strengthening of its team

SilverStreet Capital has held the third closing of Silverlands II, the successor fund to its original Silverlands Fund. SilverStreet Capital is a leading private equity investor in the agricultural sector. It has offices in the UK, South Africa and ZimbabweSilverlands II, which is targeting a...

07, August 2017

Silverlands Ranching empowers small-scale cattle farmers *External Link

BEING a small-scale cattle farmer in Zambia has its challenges; from disease risk, to worrying about the weather, the herd’s calving rate and even the market price.When Silverlands Ranching Limited, an agricultural business based in Zimba, began operating, the company made the small-scale farmer...

21, July 2017

Farmers turn to drip irrigation *External Link

With the recent drought in Southern Africa compounding the unpredictable impact of climate change on food production, local farmers are converting to drip irrigation in an attempt to conserve water, using less to produce more, according to Crookes Brother’s Limited (CBL) MD Guy Clarke. Full...

12, April 2017

Crookes Brothers Employee wins Agri-Worker of the Year award in South Africa

Anton Alexander, the 2016 Prestige Agri-Worker of the Year, made every opportunity count to work himself up from a seasonal worker to an HR officer. pdf View the PDF article (250 KB)

09, June 2016

2016 FT/IFC TRANSFORMATIONAL BUSINESS AWARDS supported by SilverStreet *External Link

20, May 2016

SilverStreet Capital appoints Head of Finance

SilverStreet Capital is pleased to announce the permanent appointment of Clarissa Beresford as Head of Finance with responsibility for financial reporting, treasury, tax, investor capital flows and internal finance matters. SilverStreet Capital is a leading private equity investor in the...